Find Care: Private Caregivers, Companions or Sitters in California

Bexar, TX

San Antonio, Converse

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Bexar County Caregivers

Christina R.

I care for my 54 year old mother

Quilitishia P.


Stephanie N.

I'm a private duty cargiver.

Dallas, TX

Mesquite, Dallas, Irving, Rowlett, Lancaster

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Dallas County Caregivers

Anitra R.

Depenable, careing, and love to do the job.

Annie W.

Have taken care of mother, brother, and nephew.

Terry R.

25+ years Experinced CNA

Denton, TX

Denton, Aubrey

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Denton County Caregivers

Tamara N.

Former LVN looking for a private sitter job.

Marsha M.

Knowledge of methods, materials, equipment and appliances used in food prepararation as well in planning and organizational skills.

cathh m.

tiok care of mom tell she passed3 years nursing home and

Erath, TX


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Erath County Caregivers

Sarah P.

Experienced in all areas of elderly care.

Fort Bend, TX


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Fort Bend County Caregivers

Lauren S.

Personal experience with grandmother, professional experience in Senior Living.

Grayson, TX


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Grayson County Caregivers

Lacinda M.

Caregiver available for live in/out.

Julia O.

Have been certified since 2002.

Harris, TX

Baytown, Houston, Humble, South Houston

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Harris County Caregivers

Tricia R.

CNA for 6 years have nursing home experience and agency experience. I also do private duty.

Chanzanik P.

I am CPR and CNA certified with 3+ years of experience.

Indra R.

Health and Social Care

Estela S.

No job too small or too big

Nacogdoches, TX


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Nacogdoches County Caregivers

Rosemary M.

Complete care for child or elderly.

Runnels, TX


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Runnels County Caregivers

Elizabeth M.

Duties revelant to a CNA.

Shayla W.

I can do anything you ask of me. I just need a chance.

Tarrant, TX

Fort Worth, Arlington

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Tarrant County Caregivers

Donna W.

I have worked in the medical field for over 10 years.

Debra S.

LVN with Start up Caregiver Business

Sarah S.

Just finished my cna course in Kansas City. Passed, now Cna certified.

Walker, TX


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Walker County Caregivers

Ann-Marie M.

Worked with seniors and children for almost 7 years.

Washington, TX


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Washington County Caregivers

Louise W.

I love taking care of the elderly, where would we be have been for our older folk today