Interviewing with Caregiving Agencies

In order to obtain a job as an agency caregiver, you must prepare yourself for success. First, you must develop your resume. A resume, in essence, is a summary of you. It will show an agency what you have to offer. Here are a few tips for creating the perfect resume:

List your contact information. Include your name, telephone number, address, and e-mail.

State your objective. This is the most important part of your resume because it will tell the interviewer exactly what you are trying to achieve. The rest of the information on your resume will support your objectives

 List your education, work history, and other relevant experience. You should list these in reverse chronological order with the most recent experience listed first.

List your certifications, licenses, skills, and abilities. Only list those that are relevant to your objective.

List references. Make sure to include your references’ names, job titles, and telephone numbers.

Edit your resume. You should extensively proofread your resume and make any necessary changes. It is also a great idea to have someone else proofread your resume.

Limit your resume to one page.

After completing your resume, you should mentally and physically prepare yourself for an interview. You should be mentally prepared to describe yourself, answer questions, and ask questions. You should also be physically prepared by dressing appropriately and presenting yourself in a confident manner. Here are some tips to ensure your success at an interview:

Research the agency. You should completely understand all aspects of the agency you are interviewing for. This will both impress the interviewer and contribute to your confidence during the interview.

Know your resume. You should be able talk extensively about yourself and your qualifications. Be prepared to answer any questions regarding the information on your resume.  

Leave early. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to find the location of the interview. Showing up early is also a great way to show your enthusiasm for the job.

Bring multiple copies of your resume.

Relax yourself and maintain eye contact throughout the interview.

When answering questions, avoid saying “we.” You want the interviewer to hear what you personally are responsible for.

Dress appropriately. You should wear appropriate business-like attire, be aware of your personal hygiene, wear light cologne/perfume, and avoid chewing gum.

Turn off your cellular phone before the interview.

Show enthusiasm for the job.

Practice answering questions about yourself before the interview. Give yourself a dress rehearsal. Dress for the part and have someone formally interview you

Develop questions for the interviewer. You will want to fully understand all of the job requirements, so it is important that you come to the interview with questions in mind.

Avoid using “um,” “like,” and “ya know.” These types of words do not portray professionalism or confidence.

After the interview, make sure you follow-up with your potential employers. Send the agencies a thank-you note reiterating your appreciation for the opportunity to apply for the position.  You may also call the agency for any updates on their hiring decisions.