How Much Care Costs: Live-in Caregivers

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If you decide that a live-in caregiver is necessary for you or your loved, there are a few factors to consider when thinking about how much this type of care costs.

Although it is great to have a consistent caregiver who is always around, a live-in caregiver will not work a full 24 hours everyday. A live-in caregiver will typically work an 8-10 hour day with two days off. If you or your loved one needs 24 hours of care everyday, more than one caregiver will be needed. You will need alternative caregivers in order to cover the times that a live-in caregiver will not be working. A team of two consistent caregivers is a great idea. A team of caregivers can rotate days and work the evenings or weekends that the other caregiver is unavailable.

Although a live-in caregiver may be around all of the time, he or she is not necessarily available to work. You will need to develop a contract with your live-in caregiver and discuss the amount of hours they are willing to work. Developing a written agreement with your live-in caregiver is vital, especially if you expect the caregiver to work more than 8 hours a day. You can not expect a live-in caregiver to work every time they are needed, so it is imperative that you develop a professional work agreement. Hiring multiple caregivers is a great way to avoid conflicts with a live-in caregiver; it will also ensure that you will have a back up caregiver in case of any emergencies or time conflicts.

Depending on the specific situation, you may pay a live-in caregiver a daily flat rate or pay them by the hour. A daily flat rate for a live-in caregiver typically equals about 9 hours of care. Daily flat rates tend to be anywhere from $150-$250 per day and $700-$3000 a week.

If you are paying a live-in caregiver by the hour, the cost will vary. For a private caregiver charging $10 per hour, you will pay them about $80 for 8 hours of care and about $400 a week (not including tax deductions).

Keep in mind that you are also responsible for provided a live-in caregiver with food and a bed to sleep in. You will need to factor this into the total cost for your live-in caregiver. Caregivers must be given enough time to get adequate and uninterrupted time to sleep. They must also be provided with a decent amount of food to sustain them throughout the day. Especially when providing care, a caregiver must be well rested and properly nourished. A daily flat rate includes room and board for the live-in caregiver, while payment by the hour does not. Creating a salary package and paying a daily rate will avoid any discrepancies when it comes to providing room and board.

A live-in caregiver is ideal when round-the-clock care is needed. You or your loved one will be provided with the same caring style everyday. You or your loved one will not be faced with many interruptions because a live-in caregiver will work the majority of the daytime and the majority of the week. If you are comfortable with the live-in caregiver, it will put your mind at ease. You or your loved one will be steadily and consistently taken care of.

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